Spirit of Life


Here's something a little different.  It's not your standard music video.  Well, it's not a music video at all, just a photo with music playing in the background that someone put together, using Blackmill's song 'Spirit of Life'.  It's a one hour loop, that I could listen to over and over, and never get tired of.  It's from his album 'Miracle'.  The album is difficult to find, but is here if you want to give it a listen.  It's excellent background music to increase the productivity. :)

Lindsey & Alexander Jean


OK, what am I doing?  This came out a couple of days ago and although I watched it, I forgot to post it.  And I call myself a Lindsey fan? :P  Anyway, here's Lindsey with Alexander Jean.  I was fortunate enough to see both, last year in Chicago, for Lindsey's 'Warmer in the Winter' tour.  Lindsey and Mark are showing off the dancing skills once again.  Enjoy!

For the SK fans out there...

I found some old Stephen King online (from archive.org).  Well, actually 'young' Stephen King, just an old video.  It's from 1982, from him speaking at the University of Dayton.  If you've been to a Stephen King event before, this is kind of the same format.  He talks about some things, reads (in this case, The Reach), and answers some questions.  It's over 1 1/2 hours long, but is a must for any SK fan. :)



I didn't realize that my last post was an Alan Watts video also, until I started posting this.  I guess I've been locked in on a particular subject recently.  Anyway, I saw this video yesterday and it stuck with me, very deeply.  Today, everything 'made sense' in its own weird way.  The angry people, the happy people.  The problem, the solutions.  Each one existed because of the other.  If everyone is angry, how do you know what happy is?  What's the definition of a solution, if there never has been one?  All of this is similar to another Alan Watts lecture, but what I'm attempting to say is when you're observing things too closely, things can be upsetting, things may seem to be a lost cause.  When you take a step back and look at everything as a whole, the pieces of the puzzle start to fit.  The puzzle can be just as beautiful when it's not together.  Harmony can, and will always exist if we choose to see things from a different perspective.  

Anyway, the YouTube channel Wiara is really cool, so if you want to see more videos like this, check them out here...

Live fully now...


I've been watching lots of philosophical videos on YouTube lately.  I'm quickly becoming a fan of Alan Watts.  I thought this was a good fit, with all of the graduations going on this time of year.  Not mine, but for those that still have so much to learn about what lies ahead of them.  

“There is no use planning for a future, which when you get to it and it becomes the present, you won’t be there. You’ll be living in some other future which hasn’t yet arrived. And so in this way, one is never able actually to inherit and enjoy the fruits of one’s actions. You can’t live at all, unless you can live fully now.” - Alan Watts


RIP Tim Bergling (Avicii)

Geez... Terrible news to hear today. :(  Even though I haven't been keeping up with a lot of EDM over the past couple of years, it's still a total shock to hear of someone dying at such a young age, especially when he was starting to figure life out.  

When I hear 'Avicii', I still think of him by his original name, Tim Berg(ling).  Penguin is forever trapped in my mind (this was before the whole 'Fade into Darkness' lyrics thing), and I remember seeing that name Tim Berg (on Sirius, before the XM part) .  I've probably literally heard Penguin 500 times.  I wanted to post a video of it (or at least the music), instead of his more popular stuff.  This is how I'll always remember him. 

RIP Tim...